House Washing

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House Washing

Whether you have brick, wood, shingles or any other material finish the outside of your home, cleaning is necessary to maintain a beautiful property aesthetic. Over time your home’s exterior structure will begin to collect dirt, debris, bacteria, and other substances. These substances will begin to degrade the quality of your home’s finish and can potentially lead to health risks. Funguses like mold & mildew can start to penetrate your home’s walls and cause allergic reactions or even worse.

To avoid situations like these you should hire a professional house washing service provider who will be able to help. We offer industry leading house washing solutions that work, at AFVET PROCLEAN we have performed numerous house washes for our satisfied customers.

Our house washing solutions are eco-friendly and very effective, we use a technique that is delicate on your homes’ finishing material while being tough on dirt. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly wash every inch of your home’s exterior leaving it spotless. Our cleaning procedures eliminate mold & mildew so your family can feel safe in their home.

We offer very affordable pricing options so you can wash your house and save money at the same time. House washing will restore your home’s integrity & aesthetic appeal while simultaneously protecting it from potential damage. If you would like an estimate for your home, contact us today so we can set you up with an appointment.

Our highly-trained customer support representatives will be able to get you the help you need in no time. We offer our services to all property residents of Jacksonville, FL who need assistance cleaning their houses the right way. We can’t wait to see the look on your face when all of the dirt on the exterior of your home has vanished.

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