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A large number of Florida businesses and homes have areas covered in pavers of various kinds. These areas include decks, walkways, drives and patios. A very useful word is now being used to describe this part of a property: hardscape.

The hardscape includes more than just pavers, including dumpster pads, garage spaces and other areas, but pavers are a major part of the hardscape on your property, and need special care. Pavers serve both the utilitarian function of being walked on, driven on and otherwise used, but they also serve to beautify the surroundings. Paver color, texture and patterns contribute to making a home or business look good.

Pavers are set in a bed and held in place by the sand in the joints between individual pavers. Sometimes this is a special mix called polymerized sand, and sometimes it is fine-grained sand. In either case, the sand can be eroded by rainwater, and pavers can loosen or the bed can be partly washed away, resulting in an uneven surface. Over time, paver colors can dim from heavy use and sunlight. They can accumulate dirt and debris.

Pavers need periodic cleaning, and they sometimes need sanding. Sanding pavers means replacing the lost sand between the pavers. Cleaning pavers restores their original attractiveness. Washing should be done carefully; you don’t just blast away with a power washer.
After cleaning and sanding, we recommend sealing. Sealants protect the pavers from water and sunlight, and prevent staining of porous paver materials such as concrete. Some sealants give the pavers an attractive sheen.

The pavers should dry for 24 hours before sealing begins. The process does not take long when done by professionals. You can walk on the sealed surfaces after a few hours, but should wait for 24 hours before driving on them. Ideal conditions are a sunny day with a 75 degree temperature. A well-done cleaning, sanding and sealing should keep your pavers looking sunny for three to five years

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