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Commercial Pressure Washing Services

When customers visit your business, they expect to experience a safe environment & exceptional customer service. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to provide your customers with what they want. Great customer service coupled with a poorly maintained commercial property can spell disaster for a business. You should take pride in how your business looks on the outside with expert commercial pressure washing services because it helps to establish trust with your customers.

At AFVET PROCLEAN we take pride in our mission, which is to help commercial property owners maintain a pristine property. We offer commercial pressure cleaning, restoration, & maintenance services at very affordable prices so you get the help you need without going out of business. Rust can pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your building, that’s why we offer targeted rust removal services.

AFVET PROCLEAN is your complete solution for commercial pressure washing, exterior property cleaning & maintenance. Our services encompass every part of property cleaning, including: wooden deck cleaning, paint & wood restoration, vinyl fence cleaning, walkway cleaning, & more.

We employ a dedicated team of experienced service technicians who have worked in the industry for years, they are trained to handle every property on an individual basis. If you have an issue that our normal techniques can’t solve we won’t stop until the right solution is found.

AFVET PROCLEAN has been servicing the Jacksonville, FL area for many years & our goal is to maintain the highest level of trust between our customers. If you’re a commercial business owner who is tired of looking at a dirty property, we can help!

Contact us today to speak with one of our customer support technicians who will be able to set-up you up with an appointment to receive a Free Estimate. Start maintaining your property the right way by hiring AFVET PROCLEAN for your commercial pressure washing services!

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