Maintaining the exterior value of your home is probably one of the most difficult tasks many people face. The outside of your home is subject to harsh weather conditions, physical damage, & the rapid progression of material degradation. Unlike the inside of your home, exterior finishing materials are constantly exposed to variables in the surrounding environment. Over time these variables will begin to deteriorate the quality of your cement, bricks, shingles, roofing & more. We offer a soft washing service that will leave your property looking beautiful without the risk of damage.

To restore the quality of your home’s exterior aesthetic you’ll need to hire a professional exterior cleaning service. Here at AFVET PROCLEAN we provide high-quality exterior home cleaning services for every-inch of your property. We can help you restore wooden decks, driveways, paint, vinyl, wood fencing, & more.

We believe in environmental safety which is why all our cleaning procedures are eco-friendly & efficient. We employ a team of trained professionals to find an effective solution for your cleaning needs. Rain gutters are commonly neglected when it comes to routine maintenance however they play a major role in the overall safety of your property.

Rain gutters catch excess rain water that drips from your roofing material, over time debris such as leaves can get stuck in your gutters causing them to lose drainage power. We can help you thoroughly inspect your gutter system to make sure that it’s functioning properly. This will help you avoid potential issues with your property’s’ foundation in the future.

We provide complete exterior property cleaning options for commercial business owners as well. If you own a home or business in Jacksonville, FL & want to begin the process of cleaning your exterior finish contact us today!

One of our support representatives will assess your situation & get you set-up with an appointment for an estimate. At AFVET PROCLEAN we have all the tools necessary to help you restore your exterior property aesthetic.

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